Hey angel,  I’m Tania. 

I’m a certified professional hypnotist specialising in manifestation and inner child healing.

I was blessed to grow up on a beautiful, postcard-perfect little island in the Philippines named “Sangat” which – in Sanskrit – means supreme communitya place in which the people and cultures share the same noble ideals of freedom of expression and unconditional love for themselves and for the world around them.

While I’m often asked why I left my paddle-boarding, hammock-chillin, palm-tree fringed beach haven for the big cities of Melbourne, London, and now Dubai, the answer is gracefully summarized by Marianne Williamson who noted that success means that we can go to sleep at night knowing that our innate talents and abilities are being used in the service of others.

As this statement resonated so deeply with me, I realized that I wasn’t in alignment with my purpose. And I hadn’t been for some time. It was at this moment I knew it was time to leave my idyllic little piece of paradise in search of a larger community in which to live, love and serve.

Service to others has become such a fundamental part of my life. In fact, it’s completely changed the way I lead and live. As a result, I feel deeply fulfilled on the level I’ve always dreamed of. 

And so, I have made it my mission to help you to experience your own awakening. My coaching container is for the woman who is committed to her inner growth and dreams of becoming a living inspiration to her friends, family, colleagues and communities.


I know it can be a BIG DEAL to uncover your soul’s truth. I am deeply committed to supporting you every step of the-way on bridging that gap of where you are to where you want to be with a completely custom tailored program. We will meet once a week, discussing anything and everything that is present for you. You also have access to me via whatsapp, so if any questions or challenges come up during the week, you have my support. This is a journey for people who are ready to completely transform every area of their lives.

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Tania is an amazing woman and a soft, powerful and centred leader on a mission to make mindfulness mainstream. Her gift, wrapped in her beauty and the jaguar-like intensity of her eye gazing is to powerfully and gracefully merge wisdom and depth with joy.  With her you will be able to take a transformational journey deep into your own consciousness and feel at ease and in peace while doing it. This woman, is up for something big. She is one that’s making the (awakening) revolution irresistible.”


“Tania has shown me what’s possible. She has been my light by awakening me to new possibilities. When I was struggling with attracting clients for my group coaching program, she guided me with tools to be in a growth mindset. She is full of knowledge and is empathetic. What I loved the most about Tania is that she was there for me and was the best support system I could ask for. If you’re wanting to live a life that is fulfilling and rewarding then Tania is your gal.”


“Tania is one of the most dedicated and inspiring young humans I have had the pleasure of working with. Her tenacity to embody wholeness and inspire others, particularly the younger generation to live a life they love to their full potential is so heart warming and needed more than ever right now. Through working with Tania, I gained experiences of living closer to my truth and achieve my own life’s aspirations. My life has definitely been enriched with her presence”


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